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Pilotage Rate Board 
The Massachusetts Pilotage Rate Board determines the rates to be charged by pilots commissioned under Massachusetts General Law to ensure the safe navigation of vessels within the waters of the commonwealth and to ensure that the most qualified individuals are retained as commissioned pilots.


Pilot Districts

The shore line of the Commonwealth is divided into four pilot districts as follows:

District 1 is comprised of the harbor of Boston and shall include all places or landings accessible to vessels from the sea within the limits of Egg Rock, now or formerly known as Nahant Rock or Nahant Head, on the North, and Point Allerton on the South.

District 2  includes all landing places accessible to vessels from the sea situated between the New Hampshire state line on the North and Egg Rock on the south, including rivers, bays and sounds adjacent thereto.

District 3  includes all landing places accessible to vessels from the sea situated between Point Allerton on the North and the Rhode Island state line on the West, with all such landing places on the Elizabeth Islands and in the counties of Nantucket and Dukes, including rivers, bays and sounds adjacent thereto, and the Cape Cod Canal.

District 4  includes all landing places on Mount Hope bay and the Taunton River situated within the Commonwealth.

  Pilot Commissioners' Duties

Per Massachusetts General Law and its Code of Regulations, the Commissioners of Pilots, subject to the approval of the trustees of the Boston Marine Society, formulate rules and regulations for marine pilotage in Massachusetts.


The Commissioners are required to cause the laws and regulations for pilotage within their district to be duly observed and executed, and receive, hear and determine complaints by and against pilots for their districts.

The Commissioners also, in accordance with applicable rules and regulations, grant commissions as pilots for their districts or for special locations therein, to persons as they consider competent.


The Commissioners may, also upon satisfactory evidence of misconduct, carelessness or neglect of duty, suspend or revoke pilot commissions. 



Notice of Meeting

No meetings scheduled at this time

Pilot rates for 2023 now posted on "Pilotage Rates" page




The Pilot Commissioners for District One Boston, invite applications for selection of Harbor Pilot Candidate, to fill Harbor Pilot vacancy that is expected to occur. The successful candidate will commence training on or about July 1, 2023. Candidate must prove they are in compliance with the requirements stated in 995 C.M.R.2.00. (Rules and Regulations – Pilotage within District one, Boston) Sections 2.06. 2.09 & 2.12.

Requirements for applicant for Pilot Candidate can be found at


Application forms and copies of 995 CMR 2.00 are available from the Pilot Commissioners” office: 100 1st Ave, Suite 102, Charlestown MA 02129 or at



Applications must be in the hands of the Commissioners by March 31, 2023

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