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Massachusetts Pilot Commissioners Laws 









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Pilotage Laws
Massachusetts General Law
Part I - Administration of the Government
Title XV - Regulation of Trade
Chapter 103 - Pilots
Code of Massachusetts Regulations

Title 995 - Pilot Commissioners 
Section 2 - District 1
Section 3 - District 2

Section 4 - District 3
Pilotage Law
Code of Federal Regulations
Title 50 - Wildlife & Fisheries 
Part 224 -Endangered Marine & Anadromous Species 
Vessels 65 feet (19.8 m) or longer must travel at 10 knots or less in certain locations along the U.S. east coast (including approaches to Massachusetts ports) at certain times of the year to reduce the threat of ship collisions with critically endangered North Atlantic right whales. when approaching ports in Massachusetts.
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